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The Right to Life League is an education and service organization dedicated to the support and protection of innocent human life, from conception to natural death.  We exist to defend the God-give gift of life.  We are dedicated to providing women, men and families with: quality healthcare emphasizing secure emotional, physical and mental health for long-term success; education in all areas of life issues; and support and healing after abortion. 

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The Right to Life League is America’s first pro-life organization.  Founded in 1967, the League’s charge was to meet then Governor Ronald Reagan to address the proposed Bielenson Bill that would legalize therapeutic abortion in the state of California.

Incorporating in 1969, the League’s goal was to address the needs of women who were faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  Today its mission has expanded to inculcating a culture of life from conception to natural death through the establishment of pregnancy centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, a teen integrity program and an education division.


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