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Pope Francis recently declared September 1 a World Day of Prayer for Creation, so it is very fitting that on Sept. 1, the Vatican made an announcement regarding forgiveness for abortion during the Catholic Church's upcoming Year of Mercy. A baby is, of course, the fruit of procreation, and abortion is the destruction of that creature. But the Vatican announcement reminds us that women who have aborted their unborn children are also God's creation, and just as deserving of love as any of God's children.

To request forgiveness naturally requires penitence, something that we at the Right to Life League know is a very common feeling following an abortion. Every day we field calls from women who regret aborting their babies, from people who love post-abortive women and are seeking help for their recovery, from fathers of children who were aborted. We hear their deep sorrow, their pain, their struggle to forgive themselves. It is for this reason that programs like Project Rachel are vital, providing support for women who mourn the children they aborted. It is for this reason that the Right to Life League offers training sessions for people who counsel and care for post-abortive women, like our upcoming "Abortion Changes You" workshop.

When Pope Francis speaks, the world listens. We are always grateful when his words draw attention to the plight of the unborn, and to the other victims of abortion: the parents who have lost their unborn children.




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